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Hello and welcome to quiteironic!
Before you join, please read these rules.

Membership is now moderated as a precaution

Okay, let's take care of business because this stuff always makes me sound like a bitch.

Basically, I created this comm so that I had a place to put entries I could link to in communities so that I wouldn't have to have public posts in my locked personal journal :)

You can expect all different kinds of posts here including the following:
media uploads: audio&visual - film, television, broadway
writing (doubt it)
graphics (picspams, icons, etc)

and anything else I can't find a place or audience for in my personal journal
→ Membership is now moderated as a precaution
→ Please do not claim any original content as your own (not that I think I would end up posting anything one would want to take credit for...)

→ Please don't share my links outside of this community. Please upload the downloaded content to your own hosting site if you want to share it. If you re-post my links, you will be banned. Sorry.
Please comment if the post specifically asks. Other than that, it's always nice to know if you enjoy a recommendation, but comments are nice, not necessary.
→ If a link dies, leave a request for a reupload on the original post.
→ Keep any fandom drama out of fanmix/Broadway upload posts.

music and upload info
→ Files under 100mb are uploaded to MediaFire (or occasionally box.net); files over 100mb are uploaded to SendSpace or Megaupload. Files uploaded to other sites on request.
→ All uploaded albums in zip format (.rar by request) | individual song uploads available on request
→ Music files are .mp3 or .m4a
→ Any information about the artists generally will come from their personal websites or Wikipedia.

searching the tags.
→ An ampersand (&) signals a mod post or general information post, much like this one.
→ An exclamation mark (!) signals a type of post. I take these from what is listed on Wikipedia on the artist page or iTunes.
→ You can find all genres under the tag "music genre:" followed by the genre you are looking for.
→ A hyphen or minus sign (-) signals a reupload of an album whose original link has expired.
→ A pound sign (#) signals footwear (audio or video specified).
→ A forward slash (/) signals an Extended Play (EP) album, Long Playing (LP - otherwise known simply as an album). (Curious about the difference between an EP and an LP? So was I.)

the fine print.
→ The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after a preview period of twenty-four hours. What you do with it after that is your own responsibility.


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